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We live in a globalized world, this reality has interfered directly in the life of society, several changes take place. Undoubtedly, this process is irreversible, since man will not regress. Information is accessible by people instantly. Sport is able to unite nations in this globalization, awakens passion and join people of all creeds, cultures and languages. Individual players or sports teams transcend cultural and educational boundaries.   Through it all, they learn values like discipline, sacrifice, solidarity, courage, ethics and transparency.

With the audience numbers, engagement and active participation of consumers who are fond of electronic sports, it is impossible to be out of the context of sponsoring events, teams and athletes of that category. Hitting records previously set by sporting events like the Super Bowl, Nascar , F1 among many others, electronic sports is here and will be ad eternum .

I gather twenty-two of my friends, and tell them that I have a sphere made of leather. The sphere, I tell my companions, is pressurized – filled with pure and ordinary air, blown inside it without the possibility of escape. I share with them my grand idea; we should divide ourselves in groups of equal numbers, and use our feet to push that sphere around. My compatriots agree, happy to joke and pass the time. 

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