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Information and Protection

We have excellent security measures to help protect you and your data when you use WESCO.

Safe browsing is one way to protect your information. Your activities (for example, posting a status or sending a message) are encrypted, meaning that they are converted into code so that people can not access them without your permission.


If you accidentally click on a spam publication, we have tools to detect if there are viruses on your computer and help you remove them.

Your personal information is not shared without your permission (unless required by law). To learn more about the information we receive about you and how it is used, visit the "How is this information shared?" Section. of our Data Policy.

Learn more things you can do to help preserve the security of your account by visiting the "What can I do to keep my account secure?" of the WESCO Help Center.

Government officials occasionally request data from people using WESCO as part of official investigations. The vast majority of these requisitions relate to criminal cases, such as robberies or kidnappings.


We have very strict standards for dealing with law enforcement requests and refuse any requests that are too vague, generic or do not meet legal requirements.

When the government requests information about a person, our policy is to warn you, as long as this is legally permitted. There are some circumstances, such as cases involving child exploitation, where this is not done.


We want you to be able to see and know about government information requests. You can read more about the types of requests we receive and how we deal with them.

We consider it important that everyone can see the information they shared at WESCO. Thus, we have created a tool with which you can download a copy of what you have shared with WESCO.

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