What is

WESCO all about
WESCO - World Esports Consortium Sustainable, Responsible and Professional, Olympic Spirit, Transparent Governance, International Standards, Regulation, Network

Esports ecosystem, network and oportunities

We are engaged in the Olympic spirit, Transparent Governance, creating an ecosystem of Esports for you and your business in an institutional, corporate and government sphere

Our goals are Global
We are committed to the Olympic spirit, we work in accordance with compliance in the institutional and corporate spheres, with a strict set of disciplines to enforce the legal and regulatory norms, policies and guidelines established for the business and for the activities of the institution, as well as prevent, detect and treat any deviations or nonconformities that may occur. Creating business models and regulations and rules for the Esports ecosystem as well as promoting a direct network for profit and non-profit organizations and companies, alongside with governs, sports entities to create Law Projects and recognition for Esports.
DIfferent Nations
What we are?
We are an international organization based in Brazil, one of the three major market of Esports alongside with USA and China, also members of WESCO with other distinguished countries.
Companies & Organizations
Non-Profit and Profit
WESCO is made for non-profit organizations (such as National Federations), and private companies. And specially for those countries and/or people trying to create such companies and organizations
Creating Standards
Our Purposes
We are here to become the standard of an International organization working in the Olympic spirit and in compliance with transparent governance
Supporting Our Members
Support and Help
It does not matter if you are already recognized by your National Olympic Committee and/or National Govern, we are here to help you to improve your Esports standards
Local Regulations and Laws
Regional Infrastructure
We will help you to create or improve your Statute, Codes od Conducts and Ethics, create your Esports infrastructure such as Antidoping Committee, Athletes Commission, Business Plan and much more
Recognizing Esports
Esports Recognition
We can help you to get in contact with your local, regional and federal govern to be recognized as a regular sports category or to create Law Project that could benefit the Esports and also Financial support



Our values, principles and thoughts

To improve the electronic sports constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programes


  • Ensure the quality of its esports events
  • Develop its reputation
  • Approach political, media and economic authorities
  • Contribute through study commissions to strengthen the links between national federations, publishers, developers, organizations, stakeholders and e-sports related companies, the e-sports movement and governs, students, stakeholders and entrepreneurs


Develop existing national federations, publishers, developers, organizations, stakeholders and e-sports related companies and events organizers, broadcasting TVs and streaming companies


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Our partners

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WESCO's Main Headquarter is located in Paulista Avenue, 854, 10th floor, Sao Paulo, SP, 01310-100, Brazil. We have offices around the world to better attend all the necessities of our members. Here they are:

European HQ
906 Persoonshaven, 3071CL Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Asian HQ
No.11 Tiyuguan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100061, China
African HQ
Corner of Omuramba Street and Khan Street, Eros, Windhoek, Namibia
Oceania HQ
International Tower, 200, Barangaroo, Sydney NSW, Australia
Middle-east HQ
No 50, Avesta St, Azadi St, Tehran, Iran
Western Europe Branch Office
José Pontes Street, 7-8D, 1600-810 Lisbon, Portugal
Eastern Europe Branch Office
P.O. Box 86326, Eros, Windhoek, Republic of Macedonia
UAE Branch Office
Office 1410, One lake plaza, Cluster T, JLT, Dubai, UAE
North American Branch Office
33 West 10th St., STE 710, Anderson, IN, 46016, USA
South American Branch Office
Nahuel Huapi 4532 3º floor, C1431BTB CABA, Argentina