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Who we are
Our team of experts, enthusiasts and entrepreneur, dedicated to promote and create standards to all Esports categories

The presidency and the Secretariat

Secretary-General is the main person responsible for all things relating to the conference we're hosting. This involves conference logistics, planning and budgeting, recruiting staff, inviting schools and being the point of contact for schools, purchasing food and selecting the topics/committees. They preside over the conference the day of, talk to advisors, meet people's concerns, manage the staff and their duties, and are there to make sure it goes smoothly, connecting the presidency and the board of directors.

Daniel Cossi
President - WESCO Global
Daniel Cossi
Daniel is an entrepreneur, redator of esports Laws and business models for esports, president of Brazilian Confederation of Esports and Pan American Confederation of Esports
Rafael Serour
Secretary-General - WESCO Global
Rafael Serour
Rafael Serour is a former sports referee and large experience in developing and organizing the administration of federations and university organizations

Regional Presidency

To oversee promotion and planning for their region, protect the interests and works of WESCO and to guarantee good governance of Esports

Kenneth Chang
Asian Region Vice-president
Kenneth Chang
Kenneth Chang is an expert business man and entrepreneur in China and the head of CUEL-Chinese University Esports League
Reid Johnson
American Region Vice-president
Reid Johnson
Reid Johnson is a former professional esport athlete most know for his skills in FPS modes and now is leading American Continent for WESCO
Joost Roset
European Region Vice-president
Joost Roset
Joost Roset is an expert manager of famous global reality shows and he is the head of Dutch College League in Netherlands
Loghman Shavarani
Middle-east Region Vice-president
Loghman Shavarani
Loghman is an entrepreneur in Iran and is the president of Iran Esport Federation and a member of NOC with the royal family at Asian Esports Federation
Jonel van Schalkwyk
African Region Vice-president
Jonel van Schalkwyk
Jonel is an entrepreneur in Namibia, enthusiast of Esports and is the president of Namibian Esports Association
Darren Kwan
Oceania Region Vice-president
Darren Kwan
Darren is an entrepreneur in Australia, executive producer of Australian Esports League and also president of Australian Esports Association

Our values, principles and thoughts

To improve the electronic sports constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programes


  • Ensure the quality of its esports events
  • Develop its reputation
  • Approach political, media and economic authorities
  • Contribute through study commissions to strengthen the links between national federations, publishers, developers, organizations, stakeholders and e-sports related companies, the e-sports movement and governs, students, stakeholders and entrepreneurs


Develop existing national federations, publishers, developers, organizations, stakeholders and e-sports related companies and events organizers, broadcasting TVs and streaming companies


Our sponsors

Our partners

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WESCO's Main Headquarter is located in Paulista Avenue, 854, 10th floor, Sao Paulo, SP, 01310-100, Brazil. We have offices around the world to better attend all the necessities of our members. Here they are:

European HQ
906 Persoonshaven, 3071CL Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Asian HQ
No.11 Tiyuguan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100061, China
African HQ
Corner of Omuramba Street and Khan Street, Eros, Windhoek, Namibia
Oceania HQ
International Tower, 200, Barangaroo, Sydney NSW, Australia
Middle-east HQ
No 50, Avesta St, Azadi St, Tehran, Iran
Western Europe Branch Office
José Pontes Street, 7-8D, 1600-810 Lisbon, Portugal
Eastern Europe Branch Office
P.O. Box 86326, Eros, Windhoek, Republic of Macedonia
UAE Branch Office
Office 1410, One lake plaza, Cluster T, JLT, Dubai, UAE
North American Branch Office
33 West 10th St., STE 710, Anderson, IN, 46016, USA
South American Branch Office
Nahuel Huapi 4532 3º floor, C1431BTB CABA, Argentina