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CAES Board Members

~ The member of the Board of WESCO CAES ~

WESCO CAES Board Members

CAES Board members are lawyers and professionals from all over the world.
Alfonso Leon
Alfonso Leon/ President of the Court /
Alfonso Leon
Alfonso Leon/ President of the Court /
I am a lawyer specialized in international sports law, I regularly practice before the Court of Arbitration for Sport on up to a 100 files. I am part of the Esports Integrity Coalition as disciplinary panel member, and our firm devotes itself to the sports and esports field.

Valter Leite
Valter Leite/ President of Arbitration Laws /
Valter Leite
Valter Leite/ President of Arbitration Laws /
I am a game developer / player / fan and Also Post Graduated Lawyer, in Digital Law, Compliance. I am also former referee in a Rio de Janeiro's Law Chamber. I also Worked in several huge Technology Projects in Brazil such as Sirius (One of the World biggest Light source for Physics studies). I am Lawyer at the Brazilian Confederation of Esports.

Osvaldo Sestário
Osvaldo Sestário/ President of Mediation /
Osvaldo Sestário
Osvaldo Sestário/ President of Mediation /
I am Vice-president of the Brazilian Disciplinary High court of Esports for CBDEL (Brazilian Confederation of Esports), one of the most prominent lawyers specialized in Sports Law, advocating for almost every single one of the Brazilian Federations of Football (27 Federations one for each states of Brasil).

Giancarlo Guarino
Giancarlo Guarino/ President of Appeals Division /
Giancarlo Guarino
Giancarlo Guarino/ President of Appeals Division /
Since 1990 collaborating in Italian Olympic Committee and advisor Italian Sports Federations. Co- founder of the Italian E-sports Federation and Italian Olympic Committee's Committee for the Recognition of E-sports. Member of Italian Sports Courts for Swimming and Football. President of CSIT Court of Arbitration.

Fernando Zafra
Fernando Zafra/ VP of the Court /
Lawyer of some competitions, teams and players in the esports industry. Coordinator for the Mexican Sports Lawyers Association (ASAD).Speaker at Sports Conferences, Sports Courses.
Xenia Bychkova
Xenia Bychkova/ Arbitror /
Esports & Gaming Lawyer, Member of Esports Alliance de Monaco. I’m currently responsible for the legal support at a European game developer and publisher.

Senator Ihenyen
Senator Ihenyen/ Arbitror /
Lead Partner of Infusion Lawyers, an intellectual property and technology law firm for the knowledge economy and the digital age where I advise clients in Nigeria's digital economy.
Fernando Montes
Fernando Montes/ Arbitror /
Lawyer specializing in administrative law and public law, currently pursuing a master's degree in human rights and international humanitarian law and , 18 years of experience in electronic sports.
Mariano Bourgeois
Mariano Bourgeois/ Arbitror /
Lawyer by University of Buenos Aires (UBA). LL.M. in Corporate Law by University of San Andrés (UdeSA). Former Board Member of Esports and Videogames Argentine Association (DEVA).
Andres Guapacha
Andres Guapacha/ Arbitrator /
Former professional fooftball athletes has his carrier in most prominent football teams in Colombia. Specialized in Sports Law, working as Legal Director at DIEZTRA SAS and is currently Professor of Sports Law at the University ICESI.
Paul Kourouma
Paul Kourouma/ Arbitror /
Sports Lawyer from Guinea, oversees correcting all the mismatches according to Guinea law aspect with is ability as BAILIFFBAILIFF, Legal assistance for companies.
Juan Cyterszpiler
Juan Cyterszpiler/ Arbitror /
Lawyer by University of San Andrés (UdeSA) with an MBA on Management in Esports by International University of Valencia (VIU). COO & Sporting director at Isurus Gaming.
Diego O.P. Bravo
Diego O.P. Bravo/ Arbitror /
Graduate in social sciences with mention in legal science at the university Adolfo Ibañez of Santiago, Chile. Legal counsel of several amateurs and professional esports teams as well as professional players of Latam and Chile.
Salvador Hernández
Salvador Hernández/ Arbitror /
Attorney at Law from Mexico. Graduated from UNAM University and INFOTEC. Founding Partner of Kalpa Proteccion.Digital and President of GGWP Foundation. Expert on legal counsel for Intellectual Property, IT Law, Esports and Video games. Innovator of esports legal counsel in Mexico and first iberoamerican member from Esports Bar Association of America.
Jonathan Oliva
Jonathan Oliva/ Arbitror /
Attorney at Law from Mexico City, specialized in Sports Law (mainly Football law), Intellectual Property (IP), and Esports. He is an Associate Attorney in LRA Legal & Sports, the first legal firm in Mexico specialized only in Sports Law.
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