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What is CAES and how does it works?

What is CAES and how does it works?

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CAES is an autonomous institution with a vocation for service; to face the challenges of the present and future of electronic sports in the world, with members committed to the process of change, transformation and modernity; that translates into legal certainty and inspires full confidence in the world of video games, video players and all entities involved in the world of Esports, with adequate administrative and technological support.

CAES regulations, guaranteeing legal certainty and jurisdictional protection, to contribute to the global development of the video game industry.

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For the full fulfillment of this mission it is necessary to provide the Judiciary with the following elements: Members respected, capable, ethical and fair and, in addition, updated in the field of law and electronic sports. Also the inaugural anti-doping division will handled cases of such matter, of which doping cases within its jurisdiction will be revised.



CAES performs a double mission: the settlement of legal disputes in relation to Electronic Sports, among the States that are part of the WESCO and that are submitted to them by (contentious procedure) and the issuance of advisory opinions on issues related to electronic sports.
Consolidate the autonomy of WESCO and CAES.


Only the States that belong to the WESCO, can be parties to the contentious procedure. CAES will only have jurisdiction to hear about an issue if the States involved have accepted their jurisdiction in any of the following ways:

  • By virtue of a special agreement concluded between the States with the purpose of submitting their dispute to the CAES.
  • By agreement between the parties that want to submit their dispute to a decision in law by CAES.


  • By notification of a special agreement: this document, of a bilateral nature, may be submitted to CAES by any of the States parties to the procedure or all. The special agreement shall indicate the precise object of the dispute and the identity of the parties.
  • Through a request: the request, which is unilateral in nature, will be submitted by the complaining State against the respondent State. It is planned to notify the latter. In addition, the CAES Regulation contains more stringent requirements regarding its content. In addition to the name of the party against whom the allegation is presented and the object of the dispute, the complainant State must, as far as possible, indicate briefly what are the parameters by which said procedure concerns the jurisdiction of the CAES .


  • The CAES consultative procedure is open to all countries that are part of the WESCO and even to countries that are not part of the WESCO, but that intend to have an effective response or consultation on electronic sports issues. 
  • When it receives a request for an advisory opinion and for it to be based on full knowledge of the facts, CAES may carry out written and oral procedures, which resemble in some respects the contentious procedures

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