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Global Digital Economy Aliance D50 and WESCO

Global Digital Economy Aliance D50 and WESCO

The First Global Digital Economy Alliance Summit concluded successfully with a grand ceremony releasing the 2019 Forbes Digital 100 list. The autumn-day event, which took place in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province of China, on 11 October 2019, featured a great lineup of guests and speakers.

Members of WESCO were invited to represent their country in the founding ceremony. Mr. Daniel Cossi president of WESCO and Mr Wang nim, president of CECC, celebrated together not only the foundation of D50 but the partnership between WESCO and CECC as a member of such chamber in China, for now 3 years. According to the Digital Economy Report 2019 released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), global digital economy is mainly driven by China and the United States, and its development is still at an early stage. With the world’s Internet users growing rapidly over the past 20 years, the digital economy has emerged as a new economic pattern. It has grown to drive economic development, upgrading and transition as a high ground for the new round of global industrial competition.


Hence the theme of the event: Building a Global Community with Shared Future for Digital Economy. Over 1,200 participants from various sectors gathered in Shijiazhuang and joined discussions on digital economy in diverse activities including keynote speeches and roundtables.


Ms. Xia Yanjun, Vice Governor of Hebei Province


Speakers at the event included Ms. Xia Yanjun, Vice Governor of Hebei Province; Ms. Qu Weizhi, Former Deputy Minister of Information Industry and Former Deputy Director of the office of State Council leadership group on information technology; and Mr. Sherman Lee, Executive Director at Forbes Global Media Holding Company and CEO of Forbes China.

In her speech, Vice Governor Xia noted that a great commitment to the development of the digital economy to generate new economic vitality has become an important strategy for countries against the backdrop of economic globalization. The digital economy brings both opportunities and challenges, said the Vice Governor, and the world needs to join forces in addressing how to achieve inclusive growth, openness and sharing, and exchanges and integration via the digital economy.


Dedicated to the theme of Building a Global Community with Shared Future for Digital Economy, this summit offers a high-level platform for global governance that promotes dialogue, communication, cooperation and development for digital economies across the world. The event presents an opportunity for high-level exchanges in new forms and on a large scale. The China International Digital Economy Expo (of which the summit is part) is aimed at facilitating and deepening exchanges, mutual learning and cooperation, so as to galvanize joint efforts for new breakthroughs in the digital economy and new possibilities for shift to new economic driving forces.

Mr Daniel Cossi, Mr Wang Nim, Mr Guo Quanqi and Mr Kenneth Chang


"WESCO is our proud member and China has a debt to Mr Daniel Cossi for his dedication to implement Esports for education and promoting the standards of the ecosystem. MR Daniel represents the worlwide esports and Brazil at the D50, China welcomes Mr Daniel since 2015 and we will have a long partnership and works together", states to Mr. Wang Nim.

"Mr. Wang and China have been friends and partners in many of my enterprises in Esports and this nation has given me great respect. I am humble when coming to China because I am only a student learning with them how to make business and entrepreneurs. MR Wang is a great friend and will always have my support and WESCO", says Mr Daniel.

The founding members will be now invited to promote and work in the Alliance and with time more information will be share and promoted between the countries that participated at the ceremony. Mr Daniel Cossi as explained represented the Worlwide Esports Ecosystem on behalf of WESCO and Brazil with CBDEL (Brazilian Confederation of Esports)




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