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Virtual Sports - Cyclism is the first

BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING emerges through a Brazilian start-up formed by specialists in the technical, marketing, logistics and live stream areas, with the aim of offering athletes an option to remain competitive and sponsors to strengthen their brands.

WESCO and CBDEL (Brazilian Confederation of Electronic Sports) officially endorsed the event, as well as the operation of the Brazilian Virtual Cycling, establishing a new framework for the understanding of esports as a regular sport, and showing that the adaptation and adaptation of esports within practices in the movement Olympic is possible and completely executable.

From now on, Brazilian Virtual Cycling competitions may be institutionally ranked, so that they are inserted into the national calendar and create an opening for other South American, Pan American and World competitions, giving the option to practitioners to become federated athletes or remain private.

With the premise of VIRTUAL COMPETITIONS IN REAL ROUTES, encompassing sports and entertainment, Brazilian Virtual Cycling launches its series of events called GPBrasil de Ciclismo Virtual, which has 5 stages:

  1. Brasilia Tour - already done
  2. Belo Horizonte Tour - already done
  3. Tour of Salvador - October 25
  4. São Paulo City Tour - November 15th
  5. Rio de Janeiro City Tour - December 6th

The technology will be a great ally of the project, and in partnership with 99RUN, which in addition to taking care of all the logistics of delivering kits to the athletes' homes, was responsible for the development of the Anti-fraud technology, which detects variable data in partnership with o Strava, according to the history of the last 5 years of athletes registered in the events, in addition to the live transmission of ALL competing athletes through a partnership with the Sympla Streaming platform.

According to the organizers of the Brazilian Virtual Cycling, this seal allows the modality to reach the status of an official sports competition, with well-defined regulations, as well as scores and awards; becoming a new competitive option for cyclists and an attractive product for sponsors.

According to Mr. Daniel Cossi, president of CBDEL, the partnership and seal are essential for the development of esports in a broad way: “we need events that are simulators of traditional sports, or that take the opposite disruptive path, that is, that put themselves in the electronic sphere, in part or as a whole, so that we can, yes, establish the parallel and the union between the so-called 'virtual' and physical sport. This also goes against the Olympic Movement. I am very happy to know that Brazilian Virtual Cycling has this vision and is with us, aligned and seeking to expand the event in such a responsible and sustainable way. ”

According to Ricardo Sapi, Southeast Regional Vice President of CBDEL, it fully meets the real needs of public managers who are acting as Sports Secretaries and Sports Managers. The tourist vocation is strongly enhanced through Virtual Cycling. There is a strong demand for more cycling sporting events. Social actors were still waiting for a solution. What was impossible has become possible and there are already thousands of athletes who practice virtual cycling.

The series of events will serve all levels of athletes and equipment, with subdivision of traditional roll, smart roll and interactive roll, in addition to the age categories and score per stage, leading to the big winners and winners at the end of the circuit.

The Brazilian Virtual Cycling created the channel @ciclismovirtual on Instagram, so that athletes can follow the news and information about the events, without leaving home.




Registration through the website www.ciclismovirtualbr.com.br




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