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WESCO and Empire Esports - Esports Companies Seminar in Shenzhen, China

WESCO and Empire Esports - Esports Companies Seminar in Shenzhen, China

Great Bay Digital Sports Teaching Center (Asia) Industrial Seminar (Preparation) was held at Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Factory - Event was held at Former Haishen Hong Kong Youth DreamWorks on the morning of August 24, 2021 , Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association, Empire Esports Entertainment Ltd., WESCO-Venture Entertainment Sports Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Electronic Entertainment, jointly organized the industry seminar "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation , Bay Area Win-Win: Great Bay Area (Asia) Digital Sports Teaching Center".

Zheng Siyi, director of the Great Bay Area Digital Physical Education Teaching Center (Asia), chaired the conference and the theme "Collecting Digital Sports to Help the Great Bay Area Build a Pioneering Demonstration Zone for Education" was shared.


Guests include: Daniel Cossi, President of WESCO and CEO of Empire Esports Entertainement Ltd. (participating online), Kenneth Chang, Member of the Chinese National University E-Sports League Organizing Committee, Vice President of WESCO World Esports Consortium (Asia), Liu Yun , Vice President of Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association and Deputy Secretary of Hong Kong E-Sports Federation Chang Lin Ziwen, Nanshan District E-Sports Industry Association Tian Hanlin, General Manager of DYG Yan Qi Club and Chen Chen, Qianhai Administration Bureau Zhang Jun, Hong Kong E-sports Bank general manager Penny, Tencent, Dongyu Technology, Dayu Education and other guests attended the seminars.

In 2020, the global e-competition market continues to grow, as unlike traditional competition limited to its inherent offline model, it cannot be performed in the surge environment, electric competition depends on the advantages of its digital sports, becoming a of the few sporting events that can be held under the outbreak. According to NEWZOO Global E-Competition Market Report 2020, the number of global e-sports viewers will increase to 495 million by 2020, of which 223 million will be top e-sports enthusiasts, an increase of 25 million from 2019. With 163 million viewers, China has the largest audience in the world. The total population of the global e-competition competition is expected to continue increasing, reaching 646 million global competition viewers and by 2023.

On April 17, 2020, Doo's Shenzhen DYG eSports Club, entered the home opening ceremony was held in Nanshan Cultural Hall, Shenzhen received a team belonging to the city's King Glory home team. The club's general manager, Yan Yan, specifically mentioned at the meeting that he is very happy to see the Great Bay (Asia) digital sports education center located in Qianhai, the club and center can be from transporting players, cooperation and event management, new media and media and television production and other areas of cooperation, especially for the major sports cities of colleges and universities, can jointly carry out "campus line" activities, strengthen the universal values of digital sports and positive energy.

(From left: Yan Yan, General Manager of DYG Club; Right: Zhang Qin, President of WESCO World Esports Consortium - Asia)

Zhang Qin, Vice President of WESCO World Esports Consortium (Asia), told the meeting that under the COVID-19 boom, the industry is still short of talent to take advantage of the new online economy. Under e-competition, in the epidemic, to take the lead online, e-game anchors, e-competition coaches, must come together, and become a new flexible employment model. In the cultivation of high-quality talent from the competition and, the university cultivation system and the market cultivation system, these initiatives are the result of the joint efforts of all parts of the industrial chain, both exploring and training outstanding talent for the market. of competition and, like Peking University, to open up senior e-sports talent training courses, China Media University launched in the direction of competitive undergraduate education, but overall, the competitive education system and even the standardization of teaching materials are relatively scarce, professionals trained in the professional competition industry are very scarce. The center created by WESCO, will help practitioners of digital sports to better engage and work with academic education and training classified under the general framework of Global Youth Development in Esports at WESCO.

 (Lillian from Empire Esports, in Shen Yuli, Centro de Educação, Tai Luzhou)

The Center's Director of Education, Shen Shili, focused on sharing the center's e-sports youth talent program for global youth. The plan includes: e-competitive academic education; global exchange program for e-sports students; the center will help esports users establish correct views on games and esports through system courses and guide them to better balance the relationship between academics, work and entertainment. Help young students interested in studying abroad to go to foreign universities for further study. In terms of training talent in the digital sports industry, the center mainly launches 0-1 advanced classes (to solve the mile problem from graduation/graduation to employment) for the hobby of digital entertainment and e-sports, and of 1 to 1 10 advanced classes (to solve the problem that students need to make career advancement in the workplace after 2-3 years of graduation).

 ( Secretário Adjunto da Conferência Geral de Hong Kong , Lin Yuwen )

As the hub of the entertainment industry, Hong Kong has been at the forefront of the world in sectors such as film and pop music, with rich entertainment resources and experience in hosting international events. Entering the new century, e-sports has gradually become the pinnacle of the global gaming industry. Hong Kong has launched a major e-sports music festival in Hong Kong since 2017. Hong Kong University's School of Professional and Continuing Education also opened the first "Electronic Science Diploma" recognized by the Hong Kong government in 2018. In 2019 , the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has also allocated 100 million Hong Kong dollars to the Hong Kong Cyberport for special support for electronic sports. Lin Ziwen, Deputy Secretary General of the Hong Kong E-Sports Federation, specifically mentioned that the emphasis and investment in digital sports should be strengthened and proposed the creation of relevant education and research and development courses for digital virtual sports at the center to promote Shenzhen and Hong Kong, including digital technology. Exchange and cooperation with e-sports to promote the common development of the industry.

This seminar coincided with the 41st anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen. The center also borrowed from the "Next Stage Goals to Build a Pioneer City for Basic Education," proposed by Shenzhen Nanshan Director of Education on the same day to help Shenzhen apply for the Great Bay Area (Asia) E- sports Center "to contribute to the development of digital sports education and wish Shenzhen a dream, a win-win situation in the Bay Area, sincere cooperation and common prosperity in Shenzhen and Hong Kong !

Under the overall framework of Venture-WESCO International's Global Youth Development Program, the Venture Management Group and the World Esports Consortium have jointly launched the "Universal Talents for Youth in Esports Program". The plan includes:

E-competitive academic education ("1 + 3 + 1", "2 + 2"); global exchange program for e-sports students; e-sports and multimedia digital art (electronic competition and multimedia digital art), game developers and e-sports organizations (game developers and sports organizations, professional sports teams and players, college sports and career planning, sports management and sports management capstone projects, etc. (events), electronic sports (sports), games, management (management), production Courses (production) Core system courses will help esports users establish correct views of games and e-sports, and will guide them to better balance the relationship between academics, work and entertainment.Help young students interested in studying abroad to go to foreign universities for further study.

WESCO, the World Esports Consortium, is a member consortium with 144 countries, 3 continental management agencies, 3 regional management agencies, 71 national management agencies, 23 private companies and 1 esports arbitration court. WESCO focuses on promoting the development of global esports through youth development programs and is an organization dedicated to the international esports industry.

Venrure-WESCO Group established an office in Hong Kong in 2009, established a branch in Hong Kong in 2014 and established a branch in Shenzhen in 2016. It is committed to the core business of Shenzhen-Hong Kong exchange and cooperation, integration of entertainment resources and sports e The IP Expansion Project, with nearly 30 intellectual property rights, has launched a series of high quality IP projects serving the innovation and cooperation of youth talent from Shenzhen and Hong Kong based on Bay Area YOUTH + Youth , YOUTH MOVIE (Bay Area Youth) and Oriental Ocean (World Intangible Heritage X Bay Area Fashion).






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