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Michele Barbone guides Italy to Esports Recognition

"I am very much in favor of a recognition of esports by Coni, but we are only interested in those that represent real sports". So Michele Barbone, president of the Italian sports dance federation and Federesports, in our exclusive interview.

From the exclusive interview conducted by our Tommaso Berardi to Michele Barbone we have first of all a confirmation: as the president of FIDS and Federesport had already anticipated in Lucca, there is actually a sort of opening of the Italian National Olympic Committee to esports. The Coni has entrusted to him, a man of great organizational experience, the task of monitoring the esports movement, to understand if there are the elements for an official recognition of electronic sports as an Olympic discipline.

(this article is a compilation (repost) of two articles published in 2019 and 2020 on Italian media, the links are at the bottom of the article and are not a copyright breaking, it is just a reproduction with link to the source)

President of FEDERESPORT, member of WESCO for Italy speaks about Esports an now is the head of the Commission evaluating the Esports in Italy towards its recognition as regular sports and is the leader of the implementation of this new category to CONI (Italian Olympic Committee).

A meeting with the CONI president Giovanni Malagò to take stock of the current situation of electronic sport. At the round table, which took place on Wednesday in Rome in the CONI Boardroom, all the members of the E-Sports Italia Promoting Committee, set up by Michele Barbone (president of the Sports Dance Federation and Federesport), were present, who had just received the assignment a few months ago and, by invitation, the main Sports Promotion Bodies recognized by CONI.
Many of the representatives of the main EPS responded "present" to the CONI invitation. In fact, 12 bodies were at the table, with their representatives sitting next to Barbone and Malagò. These are ACSI (Association of Italian Sports Centers - Association of culture, sport and leisure), AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport), ASI (Italian Sports and Social Associations), CSAIN (Corporate and Industrial Sports Centers), CSEN (Center National Educational Sports), CSI (Italian Sports Center), CUSI (Italian Sports University Center), ENDAS (National Democratic Social Action Body), LIBERTAS, MSP (Popular Sports Movement), OPES (Organization For Sports Education) and PSG, some represented by their respective president, others by secretaries, delegates or other representatives.

For the moment it is early, but Federesports is already moving on several fronts, the most interesting of which, as Barbone explains, is perhaps the one with the Sports Credit Institute, to make it possible for organizations to have subsidized funds to invest in their business. However, only one question is already clear, according to Barbone's words: "if there will be recognition it will only be those esports that reflect traditional sports". Opening of the Coni, therefore, but only for sports simulation titles (Fifa, Pes, NBA2K, MotoGp, Formula1, Assetto Corsa and a few others ...).

President Malagò wanted to be present at this first meeting, and intervened on the merits bringing the current position of the International Olympic Committee. Then it was the representatives of the E-Sports Italia Promoting Committee that illustrated the work of the Commission which, led by Barbone, will deal with the classification of video games on the market according to sporting needs, and in line with the directives of the International Olympic Committee. At the end of the meeting, those present agreed with President Malagò to fix a neighbor with the Presidents of the Sports Federations and Associated Sports Disciplines.

Also on Wednesday, a meeting was held in the E-Sports Study Center of the Committee led by Barbone who, with the coordination of Eurispes, brings together several universities that have made themselves available to give a scientific contribution to this new sporting discipline . Eurispes, which has long been involved in the study of the esports phenomenon in Italy, has also received confirmation of the great commitment made to the recognition of esports in our country.

Since April 2020 WESCO joined forces to IESF trying to unify the esports ecosystem worldwide. Since both entities have different members the efforts are now in trying to put together all the local stakeholders and organizations to talk in a same level and unity creating a new organization that holds all defferent parts in the same umbrella. In Italy there are at least three different organizations and two of them recognized by global international organizations (WESCO and IESF), one is recognized by a continental organization. The global annoucement of the partnership can be found here, both articles and video: https://wescoesport.com/portal/general-news/214-wesco-intensifies-the-union-for-esports-globally-with-iesf

The unification of the esports in every parts where there is a good standing is now the goal of this partnership between WESCO and IESF, with proper and clear criterias of affiliation and other standards.

We dont mention names of other entities here because we dont have permission but the names are on the website of both entities (continental and international). Members of IESF from before this new partnership can be found here: https://ie-sf.org/about/members


Source: https://www.esportsmag.it/barbone-fids-riconoscimento-degli-esports-e-il-mio-obiettivo/

Source: https://www.esportsmag.it/il-comitato-di-michele-barbone-incontra-coni-e-associazioni/




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