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Our team comes with the experience and knowledge

WESCO is a mixed holding, formed by a joint-stock company and a nonprofit  institute. It is a global digital sport business developer and event organisation, focused on driving positive change internationally.

We accept membership affiliation from government agencies, private companies and NPOs.
We are the educational, legislation, regulation and management standards, businesses and innovation voice of digital sports, protecting the interests of our members. Always creating Members-focused services, products and events for the benefit of our ecosystem.

We also promote digital sport at every level and in every corner of the world, from grassroots to elite level summits and competition.
Necessary to deliver white glove, fresh air and to legitimate and create public policies to the development and government recognition of digital sports in different levels and communities, Brasil, China and Netherlands founded WESCO in 2016. 

Since its foundation to nowadays, we have been creating Legislations, Regulations, Businesses Models, Educational and Social Inclusive Programs, and hosting our events: Summits and Championships, since 2018.
Total Members

$2.85 B

Total Funds Raised
Social inclusion

Social inclusion

Proactively promoting equality and equity through our programs and projects


Our educational digital sports distinctively generate interest in learning process
Grow Business

Grow Business

Progressively generate incomings through our businesses standards and models
We are commited to provide best service   See All Services

We are commited to provide best service See All Services

What We Do

We believe that our works can contribute to a better world.

Create legitimacy

Deliver public policies, standards and proper legislation to your govern.

Present new careers

Opportunities come with digital sports new jobs positions.

Education and educational

MBAs, technical and high school aditional courses to your citizens.

We createdigital sports summitsgov public policieseducation centresfederation standardsbusinesses modelseducational programsesports law projectsvenues and citiesand much more...

Our team comes with the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver white glove

Fully managed programs and projects, standards to your organization and business models that surpass your expectations. Dynamically aggregate value to your region, to your company and organization, and to your citizens. Digital sports can give you that and so much more, this is the present and the future. Embrance us.


This is how many ways we have to create legacy.



Boosted Benefits
for Citizens

Transform people's lives with us

Thinking about your people

Give back to the people public policies to promote their progress in  life

Dynamic Boosting

Improve their lives and future through our programs in the digital sports
We use our expertise in creating businesses models, legislation, regulations, standards and programs for digital sports.


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