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Objectives of the Online Master in Global eSports Management

The online master's degree in Global eSports Management aims to train and prepare professionals to correctly meet the management needs of activities and relationships related to the eSports sector, which has a clear growing demand. Thus, the online master's degree aims to turn students into specialists in this new sector trained for the management of different types of companies and operating entities in the activity, from the video game developers themselves to the clubs and players, creators and promoters of competitions, media, brands that sponsor events and broadcasts, as well as fans, spectators, practitioners and consumers of all products and services revolving around the industry of eSports.La diversity of occupations, arising from the great growth in the volume of activities, calls for the programme to have sufficient scope in content and knowledge transfer to equip participants, Through the transmission of the sectoral reality, the necessary transversality and specificity of learning, configuring a versatile output profile, with the ability to perfectly fulfill both the places of specialization and those of management and decision making.

The program is divided into six blocks:

  1. publishers,
  2. promoters,
  3. teams,
  4. distribution platforms,
  5. brands, and
  6. audiences;

in which, all of them are today with professional offers.
We have professionals with extensive experience in the gaming and eSports sector who will contribute their experiences and challenges that they currently have in their companies. 

Meet the teaching team

Our teaching team is made up of active professionals who are part of leading companies or organizations in the management and organization of Spanish-speaking competitions such as the Professional Video Game League (LVP), as well as in SevenMila, in Professional Leagues in Fandroid Entertainment (Mediapro Group) and Havas Media Group, among others.

With the online master's degree in Global eSports Management from WESCO Euncet Business School you have:

Team Menager
Esports manager of clubs, companies and operating entities.
Events Producer
Organizer and manager of events and digital sports projects.
Esports Marketing
Marketing and communication specialized in sports clubs and organizations.
Business Manager
Representative agent for players, streamers and influencers.
Product Developer
Product Manager in video game design and development studios.
Community manager
Community manager and content creation specialized in eSports.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Master in Global Esports Management

Esports and everything that this new industry is capable of generating is revolutionizing sports management and sponsorships. At present, it is positioning itself as a sector with an exponential growth with great job opportunities. For this reason, from WESCO Euncet Business School we have launched the online master in Global Esports Management with which you will be able to understand the functioning of this new ecosystem and the relationships that exist between its stakeholders and its virality.

Career Opportunities of the Online Master

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