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WESCO Partners with FITGMR

WESCO Partners with FITGMR

This partnership marks the introduction of the FITGMR academy system, known as the Training Grounds, to Brazil and beyond, transforming the esports landscape through comprehensive wellness, training, and development programs.

Innovative Training Grounds to Foster Esports Excellence

At the heart of this collaboration is the FITGMR Training Grounds, a suite of sophisticated technology and educational resources designed to foster healthy lifestyles and high performance among gamers and esports athletes. 

This program compliments WESCO’s history and commitment to the highest standards of excellence in education and training with the intention of improving the lives of young people everywhere.  It is WESCO’s vision to deep dive into the digital world without losing the connection and grassroots values as human beings.

Key components of the FITGMR Training Grounds include:

  • The FITGMR App and Team Dashboard: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, this system empowers organizations, schools, and professional esports entities to instill healthy habits and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • The FITGMR Coach Development Program: This accredited program offers cutting-edge curriculum and analytical tools tailored for esports, providing coaches with the knowledge to build and sustain high-performing teams.
  • The FITGMR Esports Management Certification Program: Developed by leading experts in collegiate esports, this accredited program serves as an interactive pathway into the world of esports, highlighting career paths, cultural insights, and the latest trends. Students are exposed to all facets of the esports ecosystem including game analysis, content creation, and team operations.
  • FITGMR In-game Training Library: A comprehensive repository of esports training curricula for a variety of gaming platforms and titles, designed to give coaches the structure and methods needed for successful team training at all levels, from beginner to advanced.


A Shared Vision for a Healthier Esports Community

WESCO and FITGMR are united in their commitment to elevate the global esports community, starting with Brazil. This partnership reinforces their shared vision of a long-term association that prioritizes player well-being and the professional development of coaches, managers, players, and career-bound students within the esports arena.

“The content, teaching and experience of FITGMR professionals are unique in the esports market. They are in congruence with WESCO's values and mission and have inert potential, awaiting expansion, and we can accomplish this together. WESCO will offer the integration of FITGMR solutions into its international programs and projects, and I have the absolute and unequivocal certainty that we will be partners "ad eternum" as long as we support each other. FITGMR has not only my admiration, but my full support and partnership. Under the leadership of Kristin Anderson, and coordination of Leslie Fitzsimmons, we have a very successful present and future together”, stated Daniel Cossi, CEO-Chairman , WESCO Holding.

Kristin Anderson, FITGMR’s CEO shared, “The vision and leadership of WESCO and Daniel Cossi has had an undeniable impact on the establishment and evolution of the esports landscape of Latin America, with its heart in Brazil.  Both WESCO and FITGMR are committed to creating standards of excellence in education, health and wellbeing and player development in gaming and esports, anchored in a desire to elevate not only the esports community, but the world at large.  We couldn’t be happier about this partnership and are looking forward to kicking things off in Brazil and growing our joint initiatives from there.”



WESCO is a pioneering mixed holding entity composed of a joint-stock company and a nonprofit institute, operating globally to foster positive change and innovation in digital sports business and event organization. Learn more at


FITGMR, born out of a six-year collaboration with the global esports organization, Cloud9, developed the first app specifically designed to meet the mental and physical demands of gamers and esports athletes.  This first-of-its-kind technology incorporates daily coach-led programming, metrics tracking, and inspirational content customized for esports athletes. FITGMR’s Training Grounds, developed with Cloud9, is a premier comprehensive training experience that includes esport-specific in-game training, competitive league play, coaching, and community engagement. Training Grounds has furnished more players to the professional/semi-professional scene as coaches, players, and in esports careers than any other training organization. Through its groundbreaking technology and training, FITGMR is embedding health and wellbeing deeply within the esports ecosystem, highlighting the importance of physical and mental health in gaming.

For More Information:

To learn more about the WESCO and FITGMR partnership, the FITGMR Training Grounds, or to schedule an interview, please contact Leslie Fitzsimmons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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