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ZGC Innovation Congress 2024 - AESF Forum

ZGC Innovation Congress 2024 - AESF Forum

Beijing, capital of China and home of the headquarter of WESCO - Works Esports Consortium. Mr. Daniel was one of the speakers at the World Digital Sports Industry Forum, hosted by AESF-Asian Esports Federation, who kindly invited the invitation for this event. Great selected minds from all over the world participate at this event and shared their experience and vision about sports and the digital world. 

Mr. Sebastian Lau, CEO of AESF-Asian Esports Federation, Mr. Steve Kim, COO of AESF, Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Karina both Secretariat of AESF. were the hosts and organizers, side by side with ZGC, of the World Digital Sports Industry Congress 2024.


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